Pains & Gains

July 6, 2022

By Yvonne Schroeder Dr. Joe Piwoszkin knew as a USF football player what rehabilitation and recovery mean to lifelong fitness. Now he uses skills learned from personal rehabilitation, a career in chiropractic and a cross-examination of fitness programs in many gyms to help active people rehabilitate and stay active without injury. His Fort Wayne gym, Read More »

Big Dreams, Bigger Impact

May 10, 2022

Every Sunday, Jerrell Holman (BS ’17) and his five best friends get together and discuss ways to make the world a better place. They share lighter topics, of course, befitting a group who were buddies even before their days at Fort Wayne’s Northrop High School. But eventually, the conversation rolls back to their vision for Read More »

‘People loved Paula’

May 3, 2022

Paula Avila (BS ’00), who passed away in December, left an impact on everyone she touched.

Honored Hoosier

April 12, 2022

A lifetime of work as a teacher and principal earned Sister Lenore Schwartz many friends and fans, and one illustrious honor for her service. As she retires, she can rest assured she made a positive impact.

Family Ties

April 4, 2022

Mothers and daughters share many things, but very few of them become college classmates. Bettie Ann Shawler (AS ’12, MSN ’21) and Tiffany Witte 
(BS ’12, MSN ’21) earned their MSN degrees after studying side by side.

Like Father, Like Son

March 25, 2022

USF father and son alumni Danny and Jovan Jeftich love teaching and coaching
soccer. They’ve also learned how to work together, no matter who’s in charge

Fun In the Sun

March 25, 2022

Spending a day with Eden Lamb guarantees at least a few hours outdoors. Whether it’s spent kayaking, hiking or biking, Lamb believes communing with nature generates the best connections in life.

Play Ball

February 22, 2022

They never call timeout in the Bolyn home. Alumni and former USF athletes Ryan and Melissa Bolyn feel most at home on the diamond (or court or field). Their two sons share their love of sports and the life lessons they impart.

Art Nerds

January 31, 2022

Jeremy McFarren (BA ’98) and Erin Patton McFarren (BA ’99) found their love of art and each other during their time at Saint Francis. Their passion and creativity have never stopped growing.

Standard Setters

January 10, 2022

An athletic program can’t conjure standards of championship excellence out of thin air. Someone must demonstrate realistic standards. Someone must be the first to achieve greatness. Someone must blaze the trail.

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