USF to provide Indiana Tech students a pathway to teacher licensure

June 24, 2021

The University of Saint Francis has partnered with Indiana Tech to allow Indiana Tech students to pursue their path to becoming licensed teachers through the USF Transition to Teaching (TTT) program.

Indiana Tech students can add a teaching license—in elementary, special, middle and secondary education—to their area of study, enabling them to pursue teaching opportunities upon completion of the program. This combined educational experience allows Indiana Tech students to complete their bachelor’s degree while working toward an Indiana Teaching License. Those TTT credits transfer directly into USF’s Master’s in Education program, giving students a head start on a graduate degree.

“USF has trained teachers for more than 130 years, and quality educators remain essential in our rapidly changing world. This partnership with Indiana Tech will not only benefit their students and ours, but also untold numbers of students in the future whose lives will be changed by the work and example of these highly skilled and value-driven educators,” said USF President Rev. Dr. Eric Albert Zimmer. “As these graduates look to further refine their classroom skills and grow in their vocation as teachers, USF will be there for them with our Master of Arts in Teaching degree as well.”

See the full news release from Indiana Tech: USF and Indiana Tech collaboration