USF’s student-run Marble Lounge Records working with new artists

May 6, 2021

Pictured, front row: Jared Schneider, Derron Allred, Evan Jones, Abby Weber. Back row: Haley Sorg, Sean Rollins, Jordan Kortenber, Steve Mullaney, Tito Marsan, Lisset Perez

FORT WAYNE, Ind. – The University of Saint Francis’ student-run Marble Lounge Records proudly promotes three new musical acts as it cultivates fresh talent in all aspects of the recording industry.

The new artists are Oh Paris, an indie pop band from Los Angeles, The Perfumers, an indie pop band from Fort Wayne and GRHM, a pop and R&B artist from Fort Wayne.

With a focus on talent curation and management, Marble Lounge Records offers audio and video production, event management and marketing – all backed by world-class technology and state-of-the-art recording and performance studios. Marble Lounge Records aims to give its artists recognition and support through consistent growth by planning and executing proper networking, promotion and coaching of each artist and band to reach their potential.

“USF students gain invaluable experience through their work running Marble Lounge Records,” said Director of Music Technology Miles Fulwider, Tonmeister. “They can see tangible results of their work with the advancing of the careers of these artists. Oh Paris, The Perfumers and GRHM are bringing innovative ideas to their music, and everyone at Marble Lounge Records is excited about working with them and helping them flourish.”

USF students working with Marble Lounge Records include Derron Allred, Evan Jones, Jordan Kortenber, Tito Marsan, Steve Mullaney, Lisset Perez, Sean Rollins, Jared Schneider, Haley Sorg and Abby Weber.

USF students at Marble Lounge Records work in the Artists and Repertoire Department, the Art and Production Department, the Sales and Marketing Department, and the Business Affairs and Finances Department. Each department operates in conjunction with the others to achieve the goal of building the careers and developing the artists of Marble Lounge Records.

For more information on Marble Lounge Records, contact Miles Fulwider at 260-399-7700, ext. 8002 or

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