Visual Arts: What Can I Expect at Talent Scholarship Day?

February 25, 2019

The Students:

Talent Scholarship Day is all about showing your artistic process and potential.  We welcome students from all backgrounds – from small rural communities where students have pioneered the pathway to the arts, to urban areas where students have taken accelerated arts classes throughout their high school career.  Maybe you have a sketchbook, or photographs, or framed pieces, or a laptop showing digital works.  Talent Scholarship Day is about YOU and YOUR JOURNEY, with whatever arts pieces and interests have led you to our campus.  Students typically bring 12-15 pieces of work with them showcasing a variety of media, but always reach out if you have questions about what to bring with you!

The Conversation:

During your scheduled time (30 minutes), you’ll have two 8ft tables to spread out artwork you brought with you.  Faculty will walk throughout the room to speak with you about the art you created, your passions, and share feedback.  You’ll speak with faculty from your area of interest, but also other faculty throughout the Art Department who may share information about possible classes, projects, minors, and career paths throughout the creative arts.  You’ll find The School of Creative Arts isn’t about putting you in a box, but instead developing the entire artist to reach across different fields and grow the future of creative arts.

The Opportunities:

Have questions about financial aid?  Haven’t had a chance to tour our campus?  We will have representatives from both Financial Aid and Admissions here to help!  Feel free to bring any questions you have about campus life, student activities, athletics, or anything else you can think of.  We are always happy to visit with parents as well!

The Takeaway:

Talent Scholarship Day provides us with an opportunity to get to know you as an artist, but it is also an opportunity for you to get to know us!  Tell us about your passions and projects you hope to develop.  Ask us how you can be both a student athlete and an artist.  Ask us for advice on next steps to build your resume and dive into the community through service learning.  We’ll send you a letter with the results and a few comments shortly after the day is over, but hope to continue to conversation and journey ahead with you.